Tantra Massage in Barcelona

What is Tantra?

"If you take the root" tan "(deploy, expand)
and we add the suffix "tra" (expresses a sense of instrumentality)
the result is "tantra" which literally expresses a tool to expand consciousness, to gain access to the supra-conscious and unknown powers that tantra want to awake  and use "
André van Lysebeth.

Tantrism is an applied philosophy that embraces all aspects of life, its fundamental objective is to be in harmony with the universe, to allow each person to experience the love and power of the cosmos within him or herself.
Tantra joins opposits. Everything has two sides, and only when we recognize both, without prejudice, can we begin to understand the truth that lies behind them.In life we face situations and feelings that may seem pleasant or unpleasant, but every aspect of our experience wants to be felt and be fully accepted, and then transformed to allow display its true essence
In the history of creation from the Tantric perspective, duality is expressed by the divine masculine and feminine Shiva, Shakti plays a central. Wile Shakti represents the energy, love and infinite empathy,  Shiva represents the conscience, Eros and mind. Here Shiva and Shakti are seen as metaphors for the polarities of life. Together they represent a relationship of opposites in the cosmic web of creation.
Before the time of creation there was nothing more than the pure and formless: Shiva and Shakti were a unity. this pure and formless beig was composed of a high frequency divine energy, pure consciousness, love and light. InTantric philosophy, the greatest achievement is to experience this love and unity, this requires that Shiva and Shakti are able to be recognize, both independently and as part of  the transcendental consciousness.

In Western history of evolution, is now called Big Bang, from here, the high frequency energy condenses and shapes material beings in a process of continuous evolution. Fromthe  tantric point of view, this process of energy condensation-manifestation, it occurs in several steps. In our body, the force of Shakti manifests from top to bottom: First on the more subtle levels (seventh and sixth chakra), then the various elements-ether (fifth chakra), air (fourth chakra), fire (third chakra ), water (second chakra), and finally land (first chakra)

Once manifested in the earth element, the force of shakti developes no further and the creation process is complete, There, on the base of the spine the power of Shakti rests. as a latent potential power within us. This potential is called Kundalini and it is commonly depicted as a coiled snake. A central goal of practitioners of Tantra is to awaken the Kundalini through a series of techniques and make it rise through the chakras along the spine to meet Shiva.
According to Tantric philosophy kundalini carries the memory of oneness with Shiva. This memory of pure consciousness, enriched through the experience of duality, is looking to merge together. This desire is reflected in our search for spirituality, in our desire to be happy and complete.
When the Kundalini is awakened, either through sexuality, tantric massage or tantric techniques, rises along the chakras through channels (nadis) to Shiva creating a different state of consciousness within us. This awareness leads us back to the state of higher unity, of being beyond all polarity, known as Samadhi. It is a state of eternal dance between the masculine and feminine, between Shiva and Shakti. In Tantra, the union is represented as Shiva and Shakti in sexual union in yab-yum position.
Tantra invites us to recognize ourselves as Shiva and Shakti, as an expression of divine beauty and love. There is nothing in us that is not part of this divine power. From this perspective we can look at our "dark" or "ugly" sides in a new way, because in reality there is no darkness. Darkness is not a condition, but, in the tantric sense, an absence of light. When we light to dark, then hatred becomes love, greed iturns into generosity,ignornce into humility, and ugliness into beauty. The path of Tantra is the path of love and light.That's why we think this is the ideal spiritual frame for a tantric massage.